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Sports Taping and Strapping: Enhancing Performance and Preventing Injuries
07 June 2023

At Glenhaven Physiotherapy Centre, we understand the importance of providing high-quality physiotherapy services to enhance performance and prevent injuries in athletes. As a leading physiotherapy…

Preventative Physiotherapy: Taking Steps to Maintain Your Health and Prevent Injuries
24 April 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to neglect our physical health until we experience pain or injuries. However, taking a proactive approach to maintain your…

How early physiotherapy intervention can improve recovery time for motorcycle injuries
01 March 2023

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries, ranging from broken bones and joint dislocations to muscle strains and ligament tears. Recovery from such injuries can be…

Some of Our Other Physiotherapy Services
18 January 2023

Here at Glenhaven Physiotherapy, we have an excellent reputation for providing physiotherapy for patients who are preparing for surgery, rehabilitating from their operations, dealing with…

What is Pre-Operative Rehabilitation/Pre:Hab?
09 November 2022

Pre-operative rehabilitation – also known as pre-surgery rehabilitation or simply shortened to prehab – is a course of exercise and therapy designed to get the…

Physiotherapist working with patient in clinic
Physiotherapy for Weight Loss
05 October 2022

When employed in conjunction with an appropriate diet, a physio can be a useful tool for tackling long-term obesity in a patient or assisting with…

The Serious Drawbacks of Not Doing Physiotherapy
08 September 2022

“What happens if I don’t do it?” It’s a question someone might be tempted to ask when told their injury/issue requires, say, a 6-8 week…

The Importance of Physiotherapy for Accident Recovery
10 August 2022

It’s an unfortunate fact that, over the course of our lives, some of us will be involved in serious accidents that will see us sustain…

Young girl with plaster cast on left arm and right leg
Our Services Related to Casts, Strapping, Braces and More
13 July 2022

Plaster casts, sports strapping, injury braces and the like are all part of the reality of being a serious athlete. When you put your body…

Physiotherapist working with senior patient
Physiotherapy for Arthritis
10 June 2022

This isn’t going to be one of those articles that promises a miracle cure. Unfortunately, arthritis as we currently know it is an incurable condition….

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