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Some of Our Other Physiotherapy Services

18 January 2023

Here at Glenhaven Physiotherapy, we have an excellent reputation for providing physiotherapy for patients who are preparing for surgery, rehabilitating from their operations, dealing with sporting or workplace injuries, and recovering from the sadly all too common occurrences that are car accidents. However, there are a few specific services we offer of which even some existing clients may not be aware. This article will explain those services, specifically: radial laser therapy, vestibular physiotherapy, and dry needling and acupuncture.

Radial Laser Therapy

Firstly, it should be pointed out that when we say radial laser therapy, we’re definitely not talking about the high-powered lasers used for cutting! This technique utilises very low-powered lasers and is non-invasive. Basically, a beam of light is generated that, while not breaking the skin, does pass through it into the area of tissue requiring treatment. This has been shown to accelerate tissue repair, reduce inflammation and, perhaps most importantly, give relief from pain. Some patients report almost immediate benefits from their radial laser therapy! It may be used in conjunction with an exercise plan (supplied by your physiotherapist) to improve results still further.

Vestibular Physiotherapy

For those who might not be familiar with the term “vestibular”, it refers to the inner-ear system, which is responsible for a person’s balance, co-ordination and spatial orientation. Problems with this system can include feelings of dizziness, vertigo (a major issue), and being unsteady on one’s feet and thus at the risk of suffering falls. Vestibular physiotherapy seeks to treat these through essentially training the brain to ignore misleading signals – perhaps caused due to inner-ear damage – and rely on other senses and learned behaviours. Because everyone’s particular symptoms, tolerances, etc. are different, the vestibular physiotherapy exercises will be precisely tailored for each patient.

Dry Needling & Acupuncture

While dry needling and acupuncture both employ fine, stainless-steel needles (which do not contain fluid – hence the “dry” part) and are both popular treatments, they aren’t the same thing. A simple way of explaining the difference is dry needling is about targeting points that will release tension and induce healing, whereas acupuncture is intended to maximise the overall flow of energy throughout the body. Choosing between them is for you to decide in consultation with your trusted physio. A general rule is that dry needling is a good way to address severe short-term muscle pain/tension/cramps, while acupuncture is often seen as beneficial for managing longer-term conditions and, ideally, producing positive effects elsewhere in the body.

For Specialised Physiotherapy of Whatever Type…

Glenhaven Physiotherapy is ready to assist! We’ve been providing various forms of expert physio to the people of Glenhaven and surrounding Sydney suburbs since 1991, and pride ourselves on always staying up to date with the latest methods in the field and newest medical technologies. Whatever type of physiotherapy you require, feel free to contact us to discuss the best possible program of treatment in your individual situation by emailing , phoning (02) 9680 4960 or using this form.

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