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Physiotherapy for Weight Loss

05 October 2022

When employed in conjunction with an appropriate diet, a physio can be a useful tool for tackling long-term obesity in a patient or assisting with other weight loss/slimming goals, e.g. shedding excess weight that was gained due to reduced activity following an injury. This blog entry will explain the different ways in which a personally tailored program of physiotherapy can help to do this.

By Making Activity Less Painful

If you ask someone with a weight issue why they aren’t more active, often the answer will be that certain movements – especially aerobic exercises – cause them pain, are difficult, are comfortable, or all three. Fortunately, professional physiotherapy will address that common problem on three fronts by:

  1. Repairing damaged areas
  2. Strengthening weak areas to prevent further damage/pain, AND
  3. Correcting movement patterns (also preventing damage/pain).

Thus, increased activity becomes far more feasible for the patient.

If a pain-reducing program such as the one outlined above sounds like exactly what you need, contact a physio ASAP. As we explained in an earlier article, it never pays to wait.

By Turning Exercise into a Habit

Left to our own devices, a lot of us will work out in a random manner – overdoing it one day, then skipping the next. We tend to achieve much better results when provided with a daily/weekly plan. That’s why fitness magazines are so popular. And it’s a similar story with the schedule of exercises, stretches, etc. devised for us by an expert physiotherapist. Not only will this ensure we do the correct amount each day and enjoy maximum gains, it will build the positive habit of exercising regularly, leading to a healthier lifestyle. That last point is why physiotherapy for obesity is so important.

By Building Skills & Confidence

Continuing from the previous section, expert physio won’t only make you a more active person, it’ll boost your skills and confidence when it comes to undertaking physical activity. Many patients find that physiotherapy for slimming gets easier as they go because they learn how to exercise properly and acquire new levels of ability in this department. This in turn assists with keeping the unwanted weight off in the future.

By Providing Constant Guidance

Whether you’re seeking physiotherapy for obesity or physiotherapy for weight loss in specific circumstances (e.g. post-injury, as mentioned previously), you will be carefully guided throughout the entire process by your physio. They’ll answer any urgent questions that arise, monitor your progress, modify the program if and when necessary, and act as a constant source of encouragement.

Just remember that, as we said in the introduction, physiotherapy for slimming does need to combined with a suitable diet.

For All of Your Physio Requirements

The team at Glenhaven Physiotherapy is ready to assist. We’ve been providing therapy to Glenhaven and surrounding Sydney suburbs since 1991, and pride ourselves on always staying up to date with the latest methods and technology. Whatever sort of physio you need, don’t hesitate to contact us by either emailing , phoning (02) 9680 4960 or using this form.

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