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What is Pre-Operative Rehabilitation/Pre:Hab?

09 November 2022

Pre-operative rehabilitation – also known as pre-surgery rehabilitation or simply shortened to prehab – is a course of exercise and therapy designed to get the patient in the best possible condition to handle an operation, and to recover from it is as quickly and with as little pain as possible. It is a further aim of prehab that the recipient should suffer the minimum debilitation following their surgery.

Can Glenhaven Physiotherapy Provide Prehab?

Absolutely! Pre-operative rehabilitation is just one of the many services offered by our caring, extremely qualified staff.

What Does This Pre-Surgery Rehabilitation Involve?

The first thing our team will do is perform a comprehensive assessment of your current physical status, obviously focusing on your musculoskeletal condition – strength, flexibility, range of movement, levels of discomfort and/or pain, etc. Into this assessment will be factored the medical procedures you have planned, along with the recovery goals of both you and your surgeon.

The aforementioned information will be used to create a personally tailored pre-operative rehabilitation plan to get you in the necessary state to best deal with the op(s). What’s more, Glenhaven will also formulate a post-operative rehabilitation plan to go with it.

While the core of these plans will be a series of different exercises intended to increase strength, stability and so on, there may be additional directions as to lifestyle changes that’ll likely lead to a more positive surgery outcome. It’s quite possible that a healthier diet will be included among those.

Perhaps most important is that every aspect of every stage will be clearly explained to you!

What Are the Physical Benefits of Prehab?

A successful course of pre-operative rehabilitation should mean that the patient –

  • Is much better equipped to cope with the ordeal (the “shock to the system”) of the surgery itself.
  • Recovers more quickly from the procedure.
  • Experiences less pain during the healing period.
  • Is much better equipped to undergo their post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Returns to “normal life” sooner.
  • Derives maximum overall value from the operation, in terms of improvements to their physical health.
  • “Stronger” Before Surgery means you are “stronger” afterwards- Faster to mobilise and get back on your feet quicker.

What Are the Mental Benefits of Pre-Operative Rehabilitation?

Not only will the patient experience the previously mentioned physical advantages, it’s expected that some or all of the mental benefits below will also apply.

  • Less stress ahead of the surgery, thanks to the confidence they are “doing everything possible”; that they are in control of the situation.
  • Reduced mental suffering due to the amount/duration of pain being minimised.
  • Confidence in themselves to complete the post-operative plan having already finished their pre-surgery rehabilitation.
  • Lasting satisfaction that the op was a worthwhile undertaking in that maximum gains were achieved and their quality of life will be higher going forward.

For Prehab and Any Other Physio Requirements

Glenhaven Physiotherapy is ready to assist! We’ve been providing therapy to Glenhaven and surrounding Sydney suburbs since 1991, and pride ourselves on always staying up to date with the latest methods and technology. Whatever sort of physio you need, don’t hesitate to contact us by either emailing , phoning (02) 9680 4960 or using this form. You can also book online on our website

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