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The importance of post-surgery rehabilitation

29 March 2022

Following an operation, in consultation with your surgeon and specialist, it is advisable to see your physiotherapist about putting together an expert rehabilitation plan. Basically, once the doctors tell you it is OK to do so, visit your physio and start that rehab! There are a number of reasons why proper post-surgery rehabilitation is important and should be commenced as soon as possible, which we’ll outline below.

Post-surgery rehab assists the healing process

It’s vital that you get moving and get your blood flowing as soon as you are able after the surgery, so that your body can heal with maximum efficiency and resist infection. But how much activity do you need each day? A post-op rehab plan offers a great framework on which to add essential daily activities, gradually building up to a “normal” schedule.

Post-op rehab reduces pain and discomfort

The exercise program, massage and other methods used by your physiotherapist will be specifically designed to help you deal with the pain and discomfort that naturally occur when one has been through a major medical procedure. The exercises in particular will strengthen key areas and make them better able to cope with any further strain.

Post-surgery rehabilitation restores movement

Again, thanks to the techniques employed and guidelines set down by your physio, you should return to a greater range of movement, as well as gaining increased strength (as noted above), flexibility and balance. This restored movement will in turn restore your freedom and independence!

Post-surgery rehab prevents degeneration

The physical problem(s) you had prior to the operation, the stress of the op itself, the traumatic effect of the experience on the body and remaining too inactive afterwards can all lead to muscular degeneration. Don’t worry, though, your rehab physiotherapist will keep this to a minimum and set about reversing the decline ASAP.

Post-op rehab contributes to mental wellbeing

We’re not just talking about the happy drugs produced in your brain from following the exercises scientifically formulated by your physio. Knowing you are doing everything you can to aid your recovery instils confidence and overall positivity, while reducing worry.

Post-surgery rehabilitation helps form healthy habits

Physiotherapists don’t try to deliver “quick fixes”. They provide treatment and advice that is intended to improve the patient’s life going forward, preventing the recurrence of their musculoskeletal imbalances. For example, rehabilitation exercises often turn people who were somewhat lazy before their operations into regular exercisers from that time onwards.

Perhaps the problem that necessitated your op was caused by unsafe movement patterns at work, playing sport or just in everyday circumstances. Unlearning your old bad habits during the rehab period will render those things far less of a risk.

For post-surgery rehab questions and treatment…

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