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What can I expect from my physiotherapy exercise program?

26 June 2021

Physiotherapy exercise programs are intended to promote a patient’s general health and well-being and are commonly used for physical rehabilitation and development. Physios can create a personalised programme for patients depending on their goals and circumstances. 

Exercise programs that are designated by a physio are one of the most fundamental aspects of physiotherapy. They will typically include a variety of plans such as strengthening exercises, mobility exercises, stretching exercises and aerobic exercises.

What are the benefits of a physiotherapy exercise program?

Patients who adhere to their prescribed exercise program will significantly increase the likelihood of achieving their goals and experience a greater increase in their physical function. On the other hand, non-adherence to a physio exercise program increases the risk of recurrent injury or flare-ups, with less positive outcomes long-term.

Several positive outcomes can come from properly completing a prescribed exercise program, including:

  • Faster recovery from an injury, operation and/or condition
  • Improved strength 
  • Reduced pain
  • Help with sleep problems
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Increased balance and coordination
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased mobility

What will the exercise program include?

After a full assessment of your injury and/or condition, your physio will work with you to decide your goals and a personalised exercise program. When creating a program, the exercises will often be tailored to each patient, even for people who have the same injury. This is because the condition of each person’s body is completely different, and is influenced by their lifestyle. 

A person’s lifestyle will ultimately dictate the type of exercises their tailored program will have – whether they are focused more on stretching exercises, strengthening exercises or aerobic exercises. With this personalised approach, patients will be able to enjoy a quicker and easier recovery that is suited to them.

Programs can include any of the following components:

  • Strengthening
  • Mobility exercises
  • Stretching
  • Aerobics
  • Pain management
  • Functional exercises

What role can a physiotherapist play in my lifestyle choices?

A physiotherapist can have a dramatic effect on a person’s lifestyle as they actively improve the quality of life of their patients by focusing on crucial aspects of their health and wellbeing. Physiotherapy exercise programs can help a patient stay active, fit and healthy and can help you manage a range of different conditions including back pain, sports injuries and neurological issues such as Parkinson’s disease.

Should I exercise while injured?

The instinctual response to an injury, for many people, is to rest and while it is beneficial in the short-term, it is not a positive long-term solution. Of course, to prevent further injury you should not exercise the same way you normally may have – especially if you exercised quite hard and often. Rather, following an exercise plan designated by the physio will help your body heal in a controlled state.

Patients that follow their exercise plan thoroughly are more likely to recover correctly and faster. An exercise program will also help prevent future injuries and reoccurrence of the same injury.

The team at Glenhaven Physiotherapy Centre are qualified professionals and highly experienced in a range of physiotherapy services including exercise programs, physio massage, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation, workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents. Call our team today on (02) 9680 4960 to discuss how we can help you. 

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