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Why You Should See a Physio Sooner Rather Than Later

24 January 2022

We humans can be stubborn creatures and will often put up with a problem in the hope that it “fixes itself”. This includes physical issues such as musculoskeletal problems, where we may choose to believe our body will return to normal without any outside assistance. Unfortunately, that very often won’t be the case. While it might be OK to temporarily ignore some hassles in our busy lives, this thinking should not apply to muscle and joint issues requiring physiotherapy.

Here are three key reasons why, whenever the need arises, you should see a physio sooner rather than later.

Avoid the Problem Getting Worse, Causing New Issues

By not addressing a musculoskeletal issue through physiotherapy (massages, exercise program, other treatments), you risk further loss of movement and flexibility, increased pain and discomfort, and a further reduction in your overall quality of life. On top of these things, you leave yourself open to the possibility of new problems caused by not dealing with the existing one, e.g. standing more to avoid back pain experienced while sitting could lead to the development of foot/leg pain. For the aforementioned reasons, you should visit a physio as soon you become aware something is wrong – stop it getting worse, then work with your physio to restore lost movement/flexibility.

Improve Your Habits and Wellbeing Going Forward

Physiotherapists don’t simply provide a “Band-Aid solution”. The personally-tailored exercise plan they supply and their advice on how to operate safely in your daily life isn’t meant to be ignored the moment your current problem is overcome. This guidance is designed to help keep you healthy and free from recurrences of the same or similar issues down the track. Ideally, said information will improve your habits concerning fitness and self-care, while contributing positively to your mental wellbeing through added confidence and decreased worry about potential suffering, lack of independence, etc.

You Don’t Save Money by Ignoring a Problem

While people may be reluctant to spend money on medical treatments (there’s that stubbornness again), the reality is that this attitude usually ends up costing them more in the long run. Besides the fact that, as stated above, their failure to address the issue could see it getting worse or leading to costly complications, there’s the possible loss of income due to an inability to work to be considered. Being stuck at home for an extended period can result in higher utility bills, too. Seeing a physio now is far more affordable than, say, having to buy a mobility scooter in the future because you let a problem deteriorate beyond the point where it was able to be halted or reversed.

Don’t Wait – Book that Physio Appointment Today!

The team at Glenhaven Physiotherapy has been providing high-quality, patient-focused therapy to Glenhaven and surrounding Sydney suburbs since 1991. We pride ourselves on professional development and always stay up to date with the latest developments. Contact us by phoning (02) 9680 4960 or using the enquiry form on this site.

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