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What role does a sports physio have in the treatment and prevention of injuries?

06 August 2021

Sports physiotherapy is a specific branch of physiotherapy that focuses on injuries, issues and exercises related to sports and sportspeople. This is to address sports injuries that differ from day-to-day injuries, as athletes experience higher levels of demand on their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones in different ways.

What role do sports physios play?

Sports physios are involved with the prevention and management of injuries sustained from sports and exercise participation. They also play a massive role in the promotion of safe physical activity, give advice to prevent injury and create rehabilitation and training programs.

Injury prevention

Sports and exercise physiotherapy is the assessment of injuries that are associated with participation in sports and physical activity. Sports physios are qualified in informing and training athletes and other members of sporting facilities in methods of reducing the occurrence and recurrence of specific injuries. They also have the skills to respond properly to an acute injury or illness caused by training or competition.

Rehabilitation programs

Through utilising clinical reasoning and therapeutic skills, sports physios can assess and diagnose specific injuries that have occurred from sports. From this, they can create, evaluate and, if needs be, modify evidence-based rehabilitation programs and interventions that aim for a safe return to the athlete’s optimal level of performance.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Sports physios can provide evidence-based advice to promote an athlete’s health and wellbeing, optimise their participation in their sport and, at the same time, minimise the risk of injury. 

Continuous learning and research

Physios are continuously improving their clinical standards and knowledge by critical, reflective and evidence-based approaches to their practice. They identify matters for further study and engage with other professionals to collaborate and learn. 

So, how will a sports physio help my injury?

There are multiple different roles a sports physio will have for the treatment of your injury, including:

The assessment of the injury or injuries 

This requires careful examination and evaluation of the current injury and any previous injuries.

Identifying the root cause of the injury 

A thorough assessment intended to identify factors that have contributed to the injury.

Development of an individualised treatment plan 

This will address all weaknesses and imbalances so that the athlete can come back to their sport stronger and in good condition. 

Applying a realistic timescale for recovery

This will be different for each individual as injuries heal at varied rates.

Prevent further injury

Finally, a sports physio will identify risk factors for an injury and implement a plan that will aim to prevent them from reoccurring.

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