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Tips for Staying Active Over the Holiday Period

13 December 2021

We all know holidays are when exercise programs tend to be skipped and diets put on hold. We also all know how hard it is to get back into a good routine when you’ve lapsed for too long. With that in mind, below you’ll find some tips for staying active over the holiday period. Some of this advice is dependent on your situation, but there are also general suggestions which anyone can follow. Yes, holidays are meant to be a time of fun. However, sneak in enough healthy physical activity and you’ll make the fun guilt-free. Maintaining your fitness level will also make life a lot easier and happier when the break from work, study, etc. is over.

Does Your Job Normally Keep You Fit?

If your occupation involves a lot of activity, try to replace at least some of your usually daily workload with an alternative such as gardening or a sport such as surfing. And be wary of consuming the same amount of calories, since you likely won’t burn them off at the rate you do while in work mode.

Will You Still Be Visiting the Gym?

Many people go to the gym before work, during their lunchbreak or after work. If being away from your place of business means you won’t have a reason to travel near your regular gym, consider a temporary membership to a facility closer to home. Or turn your garage into a mini gym!

Make the Most of the Outdoors!

Walk around your neighbourhood and see what’s changed lately. Organise a picnic to a beauty spot. Spend a day at the public pool or beach. Go hiking. Go camping. Go fishing. Go boating. When you factor in the preparations and putting stuff away again, all of these involve plenty of activity.

Helping Others Helps You, Too!

Other ways to stay active during the holiday period can help those around us… Mow an elderly neighbour’s lawn, teach younger family members to play cricket or golf, walk a dog for a friend. Even volunteering to wrap a big pile of presents is way better than just lazing around watching telly.

Remember Those Jobs You’ve Been Putting Off?

Vacations are the perfect time to tackle those clean-outs, painting projects, bike rebuilds, landscaping tasks, etc. that don’t seem to fit into the everyday grind. You’ll raise a healthy sweat while achieving a real goal.

Be a Super Grouper!

Joining an existing walking group or forming your own for the holidays increases the chances you will stick with it, thanks to the encouragement of the other members. School/church/community working bees are further options. If those are too formal, little family things can work equally well, e.g. making it a holiday tradition to play a game of table tennis with your son or daughter post-lunch each day.

Having Trouble Getting Active?

Don’t spend the holiday period missing out on all of the fun because your current condition is holding you back. A great way of ensuring that you are enjoying your maximum possible movement and mobility is through a personally tailored program of physiotherapy. The team at Glenhaven Physiotherapy has been providing high-quality, patient-focused therapy to Glenhaven and surrounding Sydney suburbs since 1991. We pride ourselves on professional development and always stay up to date with the latest developments. Contact us by phoning (02) 9680 4960 or using the enquiry form on this site.

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