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17 June 2021

Do I Need To See a Physiotherapist for My Sprained Ankle?

An ankle sprain is a common injury that can happen to people of all ages, fitness levels and sporting backgrounds. They are, coincidentally, one of the most frequently treated injuries that a sports physiotherapist will likely treat. Generally, a twisted ankle or rolled ankle will mean something worse has occurred, which is why you must seek professional advice and undergo appropriate treatment.

Why is it important to see a physiotherapist?

The ankle is made up of two separate joints – one for bending the foot up and down and another for turning the ankle in and out. The latter of the two is the most susceptible to suffer an injury, such as a torn ligament in ankle. Ankle ligaments stretch like elastic to allow movement and, crucially, to provide critical information to the brain on the position the ankle is in and to aid with balancing.  

So, in the event of a rolled ankle, twisted ankle or ankle sprain, it is important to see a sports physiotherapist ensures that you are accurately diagnosed, especially if you potentially have suffered an ankle ligament tear, such as an ATFL tear. 

Accurate Diagnosis

A sprained ankle injury can vary in degrees of severity, which will affect the treatment and recovery time frames you can likely expect. A sports physiotherapist will be able to accurately diagnosis the injury that has occurred from your rolled ankle, inform you of how to best manage its symptoms and provide you with a recommended rehabilitation plan.

There would be nothing worse than assuming it is just a simple sprained ankle and it turns out to be an undiagnosed ankle ligament tear that you are neglecting and allowing to get worse.

Eliminate the Risk

A sports physiotherapist will eliminate the risk of prolonged injury, re-injury or the injury getting worse. Having a history of suffering sprained ankles means that the risk of suffering another is higher, however, having a proper treatment and rehabilitation plan will lessen the likelihood. You will likely undertake a rehab program consisting of strength, flexibility and balance training to allow you to gradually return to your sports and activities. 

Help With Continuing Symptoms

If you have, unfortunately, suffered an ankle ligament tear or your sprained ankle is particularly bad, symptoms are likely to persist if not managed properly. Symptoms such as stiffness, weakness and instability are highly likely and a sports physiotherapist will be able to provide exercises and a plan to ensure you do not experience any of these ongoing issues.

The team at Glenhaven Physiotherapy Centre are qualified professionals and highly experienced in a range of physiotherapy services including sports physiotherapy, physio massage, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation, workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents. Call our team today on (02) 9680 4960 to discuss how we can help you.

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